Magnetic Components

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Magnetic Components

RGM designs and manufactures custom magnetic components with an internal and dedicated certification lab.

Each product is 100% custom made, functionally inspected and tested. RGM also performs tests and provides reports from external laboratories if required.

Skills & Capabilities

RGM Magnetic

RGM produces custom magnetic components with the addition of a complete tailor-made design and test reports if required


  • Engineering

    The technical office, in line with corporate design standards, uses PRO-E software, which produces parametric solid modelling to ensure the design goes together properly in the assembly phase.

  • Design

    The design activity is located on three workstations, which directly interface with the calculation program and the COMSOL element

  • Custom Integration

    Thanks to an internal integrated production, RGM  is able to offer magnetic components finite products with an extra added value  through cabling, subassemblies, resin impregnations and metalworks.

  • Testing

    RGM has an equipped laboratory with the latest test and measurement equipment. Each magnetic device is individually completely tested within the factory.

Custom product portfolio

Interphase Reactor 3000V rectifier

2000A rms, 4000A rms 60s

HV Transformer 45kW

Vin 3000Vdc Vout 700Vdc

3phase Output Choke 60uH-150A


Line Inductor

235uH – 120A

High Freq. Planar Transformers Series

For PCB applications

High Freq. Transformer 30kHz, 60kW

650Vin, 600-4000Vout

Transformer 6000VA

440-400-380 Vin
83,2-83,4-20 Vout

3 Esa Phase Transformer 400Hz

115Vin 24Vout MIL-T-27C

Insulation Transformer 25kVA

400Vin – 400Vout


Hybrid &