The RGM Metalworks facility is equipped with the latest laser cutting machines and punches with robotic loading and unloading systems. 

In 2015, as a result of considerable investments, the plant has doubled its size from 4000 sqm to 8000 sqm to be able to manage the market requests and to complete our service. The continuous evolution of market demands have led us to increase our skills and potential in order to guarantee a custom manufacturing made with the most advanced machinery.

Skills & Capabilities

  • Metalworks design & manufacturing
  • Certified welding process for Railway
  • Cabling and subassembling
  • High level electro-mechanical assemblies
  • New powder coating department
Sales contact for RGM Metalworks
Mr. Matteo Delfino / Mr. Emiliano Repetto
+39 0143 89489 /