• Integrated controller for transport temperature control

    Digital electronic power system for refrigerated trucks, performing the control of an hybrid system made by diesel generator, battery set, electric compressor motor and cells fans

    Technical Features
    • Variable speed generator management with inverter and engine throttle control
    • Electric refrigerator compressor motor dedicated high efficiency inverter
    • Lithium-based battery management and grid battery charging integrated system
    • Complete truck refrigeration system digital control
    • Remote wireless control and monitoring by tablet

    View RGM Innovation technology benefits

    • The hybrid system can operate for hours with the engine OFF, as the metropolitan regulations are going to demand
    • Peak power shaving makes possible to use a smaller Internal Combustion Engine, for the best cost/emissions ratio
    • Integrated fast battery charger allows economic and emission free operation while parking
      Wireless control by tablet means easy installation, operator management, data logging and remote fleet control
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