E-Mobility & Motion Control

E-mobility is one of the natural keywords of the low-carbon economy. Motion control, together with the energy management and storage, is a milestone of the e-mobility, related both to the vehicles powertrain and control. A state of the art approach regarding components, design and quality is necessary to be a reliable partner for the OEM involved in the e-mobility market.

In the last five years RGM has experienced a lot of design and development activities regarding road, sea and railway vehicles powertrains and auxiliary systems, urban electric vehicles specific problem solving, energy management for personal and collective transport systems. All of these activities led RGM to manage power from the few watt of the electric bicycle to the hundreds of kilowatt of electric buses and boats.

RGM has designed and produced a first generation of powertrain converter, battery chargers, control and integrated systems, which has provided outstanding performances and lot of on-field collected data to further improve the design and start a new devices generation.