Case Study

Power converters for railway application – BALIN system

Clients: Trenitalia

The goal was to meet the technical challenges imposed by Trenitalia (the leading Italian rail operator) for the renewal of both the battery and battery charging system in more than 200 type MD passenger carriages on a circulating park of about 3000 vehicles, with a system capable of providing both within the space of just the existing battery.


The solution was to remove the old and obsolete system from each passenger carriage, 2 battery boxes and a separate battery charger with a total combined weight of over 680 kg with a modern and innovative system.

The new system, for each carriage, consists of 2 x BALIN (battery and charger/controller in one unit) for a total weight of 420 kg. As the new system guarantees full redundancy, the carriage also benefits from greater operational safety as well as increased comfort for passengers.

The project

Thanks to an advanced digital control system, utilizing the most modern soft-switching modulation techniques, combined with the use of new power components based on Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology, RGM has been able to reach the customers specification targets. The introduction of new technologies in the BALIN project establishes a starting point for a new and profound technological revolution of onboard train systems.

The project has been developed in very close collaboration with the Customer through specific meetings in order to meet the peculiarities of the technical specification.


Strict qualification tests carried out both in the laboratory and in the field have confirmed that the design of BALIN electronics is able to cover the various application needs. The possibility of the SW to manage the accumulation and release of energy for different types of batteries with different technologies make the BALIN battery charger a reliable and versatile product for the rail and tram transport markets.