Case Study

Dolomitech Advanced Propulsion

Clients: Provincia autonoma di Trento

Following the EC directive nr. 2009/29/CE, the Autonomous Province of Trento have started an alternative mobility program called “Progetto Idrogeno”, prompting to a zero emission collective transport system based on hydrogen supplied fuel cell devices. The target of the project is to test the efficacy and qualify the fuel cell dominant technology in harsh conditions like the mountains country of Val di Fiemme and Fassa are.


Two units has been built as an optimization of the RGM AC/DC/DC modular platform, suitted in firmware, bench tested and delivered for the system tuning.


A newco called “Dolomitech” has been designated to design and build two zero emission collective vehicles. A 16 seat IVECO modified bus has been selected to be completely repowered with a brand new combined Fuel Cell – Li-Ion batteries system.
RGM has been selected as the supplier of a multiple power converter which manages the power flows between the fuel cell stack, the Li-Ion battery, the powertrain and other service motors (blowers, etc.) directly controlled by the device itself.



The couple of electrical bus are currently running as service shuttles for the Nordic Ski World Championships in Val di Fiemme. At the end of the event, they will continue a line service between the places of Val di Fiemme and Fassa, in order to complete the experiencing of the devices and the H 2  refuelling system.