Case Study

200 kW Powertrain Driver For Electric / Hybrid Boat

Clients: POLIMI - Politecnico di Milano
Project objectives

The actual global trend to reduce carbon emission is impacting not only the automotive industry but also the nautical sector.

Protected areas where zero carbon emission boats only are suitable, increased from 3% to 16% in the last ten years.

Regions such as the Venice Lagoon are planning to limit the traffic to zero emission boats by 2021.

The target of this project was to develop a unique electric propulsion system based on full modularity to be installed in hybrid/electric boats as replaceable unit of an outboard conventional propulsion.


200 kW Powertrain driver by RGM

▪ Up to 4 independent e-motors driver (50 kW each)
▪ Li-based battery source management (by internal logic and CAN bus)
▪ Liquid cooled (water + glycol)
▪ Marine execution
▪ Available with integrated battery charger from shore grid or genset
▪ Available with dedicated converters for variable speed genset or Fuel Cell as range extender


Benefits for users market
  • It is no more necessary to have the engine ON to operate  and have the electric system supplied while in harbors or city channels
  • A   smaller  and   cleaner  Internal   Combustion   Engine   can   be   used,   for  the   best cost/emission ratio
  • Integrated fast battery charger allows to extend the electric operation range even in case of brief docking (water taxi duty)
  • Possibility to power boats up to 8–10m using the  modular system (4 engines for 200kW)
What's next?

The boat has successfully passed the water speed tests at Como lake.

The boat will be presented at the next edition of the Solar & Energy Boat Challenge in Monaco, 2-6 July 2019