• Integrated power controller for hydrogen supplied boat

    Digital power electronic system for hydrogen supplied boats, performing the control of an hybrid powertrain system made by fuel cell, battery set and electric propeller motors

    Technical Features
    • 200 kW propeller e-motor driver high-efficiency, digital vector power control
    • 200V, 500A, H2 supplied Fuel Cell full management
    • Lithium-based battery management capability and grid battery charging integrated system to be used while docking
    • Acts as the electric energy on board power station, supplying the full service electric system

    View RGM Innovation technology benefits

    • Fuel Cell prime generator means zero pollution
    • Integration within Fuel Cell and Li-based batteries allows any electric propulsion operations despite the slow response to the load transients typical of the Fuel Cell
    • Integrated fast battery charger allows to extend the Li-based batteries operation range even in case of brief docking (water taxi duty)
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